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  • Texas Nilgai Hunting At 303 Ranch Outfitters. Our all-inclusive Nilgai hunts are comprised of 3 days 2 nights lodging, Big Texan meals, expert one-on-one guide, field lunch and drinks during the day, transportation of your Nilgai to our local meat processor, and transportation of your cape and horns to our taxidermist.
Gujarat: 7 arrested for hunting Nilgai in Amreli; Gujarat: 7 arrested for hunting Nilgai in Amreli "During questioning, the duo confessed that they, with the help of five others, had hunted down a limping male blue bull on the bank of a nullah at around 10:30 pm for a feast," range forest officer (RFO) of Savarkundla told The Indian Express.

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Jan 08, 2012 · The nilgai is an antelope primarily found in India, eastern Pakistan and southern Nepal. They were also introduced to Texas in the 1920s and there are now about 15,000 wild nilgai in that state. For a pre-Christmas dinner, I purchased a 4.54 nilgai shoulder roast from a Texas free range animal.
  • Fallow Deer and Axis Deer Hunt Services in Dayton TX. Fallow deer are known for a few things that make them attractive to hunters: Their distinctive look, with large palmate antlers; their caution that makes them more challenging to hunt; and the fact that Texas has no seasonal restrictions on hunting this type of deer.
  • population control. Species available for hunting at different national wildlife refuges include sika elk, sambar deer, feral hog, nilgai and oryx. Refuge Hunting Permits Some refuges require special hunting permits, while others are open to hunters for general hunting seasons without permits.
  • *** 1 DAY MEAT HUNT Nilgai Cow - $2200.00 *** 1 DAY MEAT HUNT Scimitar Horned Oryx - $2200.00 Hunt Packages Include: - 1 Day of Hunting, Guide Service, Dressing of Game.

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    1-day all inclusive- nilgai bull hunt Inclusive hunt fees cover two nights of lodging and meals at La India Ranch, a fully guided hunt with a field lunch and drinks during the day. * Fees also cover transportation of your Nilgai to a local meat processor and transportation of your cape and horns to a local taxidermist.

    Pennsylvania Hunting preserve conveniently located in North Eastern PA Wayne County, just 2 hours from Manhattan. We offer a multitude of species to hunt, including, but not limited to Russian Boar, Texas Dall sheep, Barbados Ram, Corsican Ram, Fallow Deer, and Elk.

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    NILGAI BULL HUNT $2300 NILGAI BULL HUNT $2300 ... Let us help you get meat in the cooler and a memory on your wall with this true hunt of a lifetime!!! ...

    Antlers/Capes/Meat: WSI does not ship meat. On some hunts, there may be an option to have carcass delivered to a local meat processor where meat can be fully processed and where the processor may offer shipping services, but those arrangement are strictly between client and processor at that point.

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    May 24, 2012 · They are native to India, but free-range nilgai now roam the southern United States (primarily Texas) and northern Mexico. Because they are not a domestic species, the state of Texas doesn’t classify them as a game animal—you can hunt them all year long. As with much big-game hunting in Texas, the preferred technique is spot-and-stalk.

    Hog Hunting Membership. 4 meat hogs & 1 trophy $1,000. Day Fees: 1/2 Day – $250. Full Day – $350. Buffalo, hogs and exotic hunts can be scheduled all year. Florida hunting license required for Whitetail Deer. Prices subject to change according to size and availability. Lodging Available. at “The World Famous” Seminole Inn and other area ...

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    Your Nilgai bull will be skinned and caped as part of the package and you may choose to pay to have the meat commercially processed at a nearby facility. Incidentally, Nilgai antelope meat is some of the best wild game meat you will ever have, which makes Nilgai antelope hunting even more attractive.

    The hunts that take place on WSMR offer 3 day season while the off-range hunts come with month long seasons. Overall Oryx numbers are lower off WSMR but the off-range hunts do offer much better draw odds as well as historically speaking, 100% shot opportunity for clients that choose to hunt with one of WTA’s veteran off-range hunt operators.

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    Lead_Nilgai A Nilgai Among Friends. By Lorraine Lawrence. For people with interests that are often solitary in nature or not many share, like hunting or fishing the internet can be a remarkable and sometimes helpful tool. Hunting often requires a leap of faith.

    Texas Hog Hunting: Beware outfitters guaranteeing results. Located in Maverick County, TX, Lazy R Hunts is a Neverland of white-tail deer, hogs, bobcats, javelina, and coyotes. Deer hunting in Texas with Real Outfitters is the best hunting with affordable hunting. The company's filing status is listed as In Existence and its File Number is ...

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    Now on dry land, Steve and Jesse hunt nilgai, a large Indian antelope. The successful duo butcher a beast and dig into unique nose-to-tail dishes.

    May 24, 2012 · They are native to India, but free-range nilgai now roam the southern United States (primarily Texas) and northern Mexico. Because they are not a domestic species, the state of Texas doesn’t classify them as a game animal—you can hunt them all year long. As with much big-game hunting in Texas, the preferred technique is spot-and-stalk.

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    Extremely elusive and weighing up to 700 pounds, the Nilgai is not only difficult to hunt, but even tougher to bring down. A magnum caliber rifle and a well placed shot are essential. $3,400 Food, Lodging and First Animal Included in Price.

    The nilgai is hunted chiefly on large private ranches including the King and Kenedy with the bulk of hunting done by driving safari style trucks through the brush to put hunters is position to get a shot. The animals are extremely wary and will often retreat at the least provocation.

Lions predominantly kill medium-sized mammals including impalas, zebras, buffaloes, deer, nilgai, eland, wild boar, warthogs, kudu, gemsbok, hartebeest, springbok and Thomson’s gazelle. These preys weigh around 50 to 300 kg (110 to 660 lb).
Few pics from my personal hunts at Mota Bonita Ducks taken at Baffin Bay. Cow Nilgai shot for camp meat Cull buck Wyatt and I after ou...
Last week, during an unexpected (and appreciated) cool spell, I took advantage of the opportunity to cook up fifteen pounds of Nilgai rib meat, using my "Cook-All-Day" recipe. From meat that many hunters would toss out, I produced five delicious meals, right off the bat, and packaged up and froze several 1 ½ pound bags of succulent, cooked ...
We asked for a bespoke butchering class and dinner utilizing game we had taken on our Nilgai Antelope hunt. They blew us away with the dinner they prepared from 100% locally sourced ingredients. All of which they managed to execute flawlessly, working from a camp house kitchen they’d never laid eyes on, at a ranch a 4 hour drive from Austin.